One day I learned to meditate by accident. It changed my life. Suddenly my intuition became much stronger. It was like switching on a radar system. I began to understand myself better. I could also ‘read’ other people.

My life changed rapidly for the better. I let go of a business that was no longer working. I asked to be guided and let go. Within six months I was working as a headhunter with one of the world’s largest executive search firms. It was enjoyable and very well paid.

I met many candidates who were trying to market themselves to me and my colleagues – with limited success. So Barbara Edlmair and I wrote How To Be Headhunted.

Then I realised that most people will never be headhunted. Many are self-employed, or they get promoted, or they find their next job through contacts. David Royston-Lee and I wrote Brand You to help everyone to market themselves.

Our philosophy is, “In order to market yourself, you have to know yourself.” Ever since I learned to meditate I have been going deeper into the subject of spirituality, exploring all the major traditions.

I realised that most spiritual practices that work involve letting go. In our mental and physical lives we acquire knowledge, experience, qualifications, money, possessions, a spouse, a house, etc. In our spiritual lives, progress always involves letting go of something.

We can let go of thoughts, fears, judgments, labels, prejudices, pain, stress and so on. The more we do this, the more we let go of the ego – the ‘false self’ that separates us from what a friend of mine calls “the super-abundant intelligence of the universe”.

Then we begin to experience more joy, love, compassion and abundance. Ultimately we become a pure channel for whatever is being created. It’s a lot more fun than trying to do everything through mental and physical effort. We become far happier and more productive when we allow the cosmos to do its thing through us.

So the new book will be called The Power of Letting Go.